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I have always drawn.  Doodling at school didn’t make me very popular with the teachers, but in the end I fell into doing something I loved – and continue to do so.

My design career started in London story-boarding and visualising large scale events, exhibitions and interiors.

Being one of the very few remaining designers who continues to draw and produce art by hand, my freelance continues today in many forms.

Designing and producing large-scale tactile murals with sensory pieces for the Barchester Group and HiCare, has been a more recent addition to my repertoire and an enjoyable challenge.

After years of producing thousands of creative ideas for others, I decided to pick up my art gear and do something for myself.

Living by the sea, the ideas were right there in front of me; and in 2012, Funky Beach Art evolved with my partner Jane.

You can find us at the monthly Love Southsea, Palmerston Road Market with our latest collection of work and at many other events throughout the year.

Our stand is the very bright one, with the funky colours creating a ray of sunshine to brighten up any gloomy day – drawing people in to take a closer look.

category-my-beach-hut-cool-camper-002My artworks have a fresh, unique style being partly 3D, painted and illustrated in bright vibrant colours, which gives the finished pieces a wonderful feeling of depth.


Personalise a CamperRead on, and let me take you on a journey through some of my most recent work for inspiration and great present ideas.  They are all bespoke, signed originals and can be personalised with a name or message free of charge.

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