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Welcome to Simon’s Murals . . .

. . . where colour, creativity and an eye for design are combined to create stunning interior artworks.

As the Artist, I am the creative force behind these murals ensuring that the client’s vision becomes reality.  I offer a complete service – from consultation through to completion – ensuring that your original work of art becomes a stunning focal point.

The murals shown here are not simply flat painted, but are 3-dimensional, tactile and made up of different materials and sculpted pieces to enhance its visual look.

Beautiful artwork that feels as exciting as it looks!

You are not usually allowed to touch art! But our unique tactile murals and panels are designed to be handled and explored.

Formerly dull and uninteresting interior walls can be transformed into ceiling-high pieces of vibrant colour – a pleasure not only to look at, but to touch, feel and enjoy the whole sensation of the artwork. Not only are they attractively coloured, but also appeal directly and powerfully to the sense of touch. They have an important physical, learning and therapeutic function: helping people to understand and enjoy the world around them.

Just let us know what you need.

Many of the murals on this page have been installed in various Residential Care Homes.

I can work to all scales and budgets, producing either simple individual pieces or colourful wall murals to enhance a room – or completely theme a room. No project is too large or too small, and every project is treated with the same personal care and attention.

Your Mural
Following our initial contact, I would arrange to come and meet with you to view the room or area you intend to have the mural painted. We would talk through your ideas, and at this stage if you needed inspiration I would also produce some concept sketches. For childrens rooms, every child has a favourite cartoon character, theme, TV character or book so this could be used as our starting point.

You can have any theme or design hand painted and installed by me, to suit your specific style and budget.

Please contact me for a free quotation on my hand painted tactile wall murals.

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